Flawless: We support your demand for BPO, software development/test capacity, and IT services with top-class BPO, development, and IT service providers from Eastern Europe (nearshoring), remote and short term on site.

Below you will find an overview of the competencies and experiences for BPO, EDA, development and IT services. A technology and service portfolio across IT platforms (Servers, Internet, Mobile, Cloud) in English and occasionally German. Overall, more than 3,000 engineers from Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia / Belarus and Ukraine.

For software development, the usual development processes waterfall (also V-Model) and agile (e.g. SCRUM) are offered.

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Enterprise Software

inter alia Business Intelligence, ERP, CRM, financial software, secure payment via Internet, Cloud Computing, Telecom Software, Billing, Health Care, SaaS, Access Control, Databases, DRM, DAM, DMS, Virtualisation, Roll-out, Server-Programming, Big Data

SAP, HANA, Hybris, SAP Basis, Azure (level: certified MVP), Netweaver, ABAP OO, Oracle, JAVA, JSF, Seam, GWT, Liferay, .NET, SQL, Apache, C++, Microsoft Technologes, Eclipse , PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, Javascript, JQuery, extJS, sentia, Swing, LAMP, Python, Perl

Internet Programming

Inter alia Webdesign, business processe via internet, integration of mobile platforms, access control, content management systems, Animation, Games, eCommerce, online-Payment

JAVA, J2EE, Hibernate, RCP, Eclipse, Spring, Struts, Ajax, Applets, .NET, WWF, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, WPF, Silverlight, Sharepoint, XML, Flash, Actionscript, Flex, Magento, Drupal, eZPublish, TYPO3, Joomla, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere, Apache, Ruby on Rails

Mobile Platforms

Inter alia Applications, security applications, mobile access, Hardware/Software Codesign, Billing, e-mail client, Browser, Driver, Multi Touch, Application Fabrics, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D modelling

iOS, Android, WinMobile, QTopia, Openmoko, JAVAScript, Symbian, Bada, MeeGo, C++, HTML5

Embedded Programming

Inter alia Multiprocessor plattforms, System Simulation, HW/SW Codesign, Compiler, OS/Operating systems, LINUX, embedded Linux, Solaris, IBM AIX, Mac OS, driver development, protocol handling, Multimedia, shared Desktop, Chat, VoIP, CODEC, Algorithm development, Browser, Multitouch, Mail Client,  Sensor integration, System Modelling, FPGA-Fabrics, autonomous driving, automotive cloud based services, eMobility, ADAS

C++, JAVA, JAVASkript, MeeGo, QT, QMS, Ubuntu, Openmoko, System C, Modelling, Autosar, Matlab, Simulink, CAN, MOST, Automated Design, Rapid Prototyping, Application Fabrics


Inter alia following special services:

  • Competencies in Security software, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing
  • ITO: Application Management (24/7); Support: 1.,2., and 3. Level
  • BPO: Business Process Outsourcing
  • Big Data (data transfer, -processing, and -management; Solr, Hadoop, etc.)
  • EDA (Electronic Design Automation)
  • Test (manual and automated QA)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Natural language Progessing applied in ChatBots, Cognitive Services, Virtual Digital Assistants, and Machine Vision

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