Nearshore Services

Portfolio Partners

Partners for Partnership – flawless quality
   Exquisite portfolio with more than 16000 experts – for your best possible choice.
   We partner with companies that create and deliver solutions built specifically to meet your needs – a portfolio of world-class service companies covering BPO-, Cyber Security-, EDA-, IT- and Software-Services. All companies are headquartered in Eastern Europe (Nearshore).
   The mayority of them is run by their owners. All are committed to being long-term, solution oriented partners for their customers.

They range in size from around 100 to over 10000 employees and they have a clear focus on Central Europe.

They all meet CONINTEC’s high standards for mutual success:

  • Invest in a partnership
  • Customer centric
  • Valuing and retaining employees
  • Living quality
  • Living innovation
  • Process orientation
  • Service transparency
  • Predictability and
  • Accountability

Fast and accountable communication by Single Point of Contact.
   Flexible and solution-oriented you will experience the combination of competence and know-how.
And because problems do not stop at borders – our partners offer services that go beyond the usual approach.


Standard technologies are a given of course. We add special value by combining this with exceptional experience, quality and the ability to innovate.
   Overview of skills and experience for BPO-, Cyber Security-, EDA-, IT-, and Software-services. They combine to deliver a cross-platform technology and services portfolio in English, occasionally German and other languages. More than 16,000 engineers in total from EU and non-EU countries in Eastern Europe (Nearshore).
   Remote and short-term onsite.
For software development, the usual development processes Waterfall (also V-Model, A-SPICE) and Agile (SCRUM, Kanban, XP) are offered for the lifecycle Plan-Build-Run.


   Aerospace, Defense: Space2Ground Communication, Airborne Avionic Systems, Drones, DO178B, etc.

   Automotive, eMobility: ADAS, V2X, Power train, HMI, Comfort Functions, MCU-/Vehicle-Penetration Test, Fleet Management, Predictive Maintenance, Navigation, B2B and B2C Platforms, Transport&Logistic, Fuel Cell Simulation, Code analysis, AUTOSAR, TISAX, SPICE L3, ISO 21434,

   Banking, FinTech, Insurance: Legacy Systems, B2C Platforms, Credit Approval Platforms, International Transactions, Stock Market Analytics/Algorithms, Biometric Authentication, Digital Signature, Crypto Currency, Anti-Money Laundry, Fraud detection, BAFIN Compliance (BAIT), etc.

   eCommerce: B2B and B2C Platforms, Online-Payment, Shop-Systems, Location Based Services, etc.

   eHealth, Medical, Pharma: Digital Patient File (HL7, FHIR), Medical Equipment, Healthcare Applications, Pharmaceutical Approval Process Solutions,
etc. hot


   Business Intelligence: Analytics, Data Mining, Visualization

   Digital Twin: CAD/3D Based Functional Representation new

   IOT & Smart Technologies: UI/UX Design, Cloud Based Platforms, Sensor Integration, Smart Home, Smart Devices, Data Analytics, etc. hot

   Metaverse: Design and Implementation of Virtual Events and Market Places. Avatars, Digital Assets, NFT (Non-Fungible Token), Proof of Attendance, etc. new


   Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, (Chat-) Bots, Virtual Digital Assistants, Cognitive Services. Computer/Machine Vision, Robot Process Automation, PoC, Gen.AI Co-Piloting, Prompt Engineering, etc. new

   Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (AR/VR): Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Virtual Systems, Visual Modelling, Unity, Unreal, etc.

   Big Data: Annotation, Analytics, Data Engineering, PoC, MVP, etc.

   Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Tensorflow, IBM Watson, S4/HANA Cloud, O365, Digital Ocean, Cloud Migration, etc.

   Cyber Security: HW-/Cloud/-Web-/Infrastructure-Pen Test, Vulnerability Management, Forensic,  Cyber Architecture, Identify, Mitigate, Redo, Assessments, Trainings for Certifications and Audit, various Certificates, Fraud Detection, Static and Dynamic Code Review,  DevSecOps, various Certifications in consideration of NIS2SOC as a Service, etc. hot

   Hyper Automation:  No-/Low-Code – ELO,, Outsystems, MuleSoft, Mendix, Microsoft PA, RPA (UIPath), in combination with AI, Infrastructure-as-Code etc. new


   Electronic Design Automation (EDA): SoC, ASIC, PCB, Design/Verification, Tool Chain Development, Electronic Engineering, Design, Verification, etc.

   Embedded: Firmware, Tool Chain (Compiler), embedded OS, Protocols, Protocol Handling, HW/SW Codesign, DSP/MCU/MPU Programming, Multi Processor Systems, Drivers, MATLAB, AUTOSAR, etc.

   System Modelling: System C, FPGA-Fabrics (Xilinx, etc.), Algorithm Development (CODECS, VoIP, Communication, AI-based applications, etc.), Hardware Acceleration, HW/SW Codesign, etc.


   Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Recurring Administrative Services, Contract Management, Documentation, Translation, etc. hot

   IT Services:  Application Managed Services, (24/7), 2./3 Level Support, English/German, Applications/DataBase/Infrastructure, Access Management, Virtualization, Roll-Out, etc.

   Mobile QA: Manual and Automated Test – Compatibility Test with more than 150 Mobile and Streaming Devices; Post Release Tests for Upgrades and Updates, etc. hot

Technology Lake


  • Software Engineering: JAVA, C#, .NET, Python, Scala, Perl, JavaScript, TypeScript, iOS, android, React Native, Ionic, XAMARIN, Cordova, React.JS, Angular, Vue.JS, Node.JS, PHP, Drupal, Magento, HTML, Ruby on Rails, ABAP, SAP, S4/HANA, SAB Basis, Salesforce, CommerceCloud, etc.
  • Data Engineering: Apache, Spark, BigQuery, Teradata, DataBricks, Power BI, Tableau, Hadoop, HyperScaler, SnowFlake, etc.
  • Cloud/AI/ML: AWS, Azure, IBM Watson, TensorFlow, GCP, Yolo, PyTorch, Digital Ocean, OpenCV, etc.
  • EDA/Embedded: C/C++, embedded Linux, Yocto, OpenGL, MOST, CAN, AUTOSAR, MATLAB, Octave, QT, System C, VHDL, Verilog, etc.
  • Storage: MySQL, Oracle BI, NoSQL, MongoDb, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Redis Memcache, Kafka, etc.
  • DevSecOps: Github, Gitlab, Hadoop, Docker, Tomcat, Apache, Kubernetes, Splunk, Jenkins, WPF, JSF, ArgoCD, Helm, Cloud Formation, Terraform, etc.
  • Hyper Automation: UIPath, ServiceNow, ELO,, Outsystems, MuleSoft, Mendix, Power Automate, Abbyy, etc.
  • Computer Graphics: UNITY, UNREAL, Vuforia, Wikitude, Blender, etc.
  • IoT: RPi, IoT Hub, Digital Twins, MDM/RMS, 3DS Max, etc.
  • QA Engineering: Redmine, Selenium, Appium, xCode, jMeter, jUnit, Cucumber, Serenity, Cypress, etc.
  • Project Management: JIRA, Confluence, Testrail, etc.



  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 26262, TISAX, SPICE (Level 1-3), DO178B, ISTQB, ISO 21434, etc. new
  • BAFIN Compliance (BAIT), Security Clearance Check, etc.
  • HL7, FHIR, compliant with FDA 510k, IEC 62304, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, etc.
  • AWS CSA, CRTP, CISCO Certified Cyber Ops Associate, McAfee Product Specialist, TANIUM Threat Responder, ITIL V3, UIPath MSP, Azure MVP, etc.

Business Models

Collaboration/contract models to meet your needs throughout the lifecycle: feasibility – PoC – implementation – maintenance.
   Your contractual partner is the service provider. Operations and billing are handled directly between the partners.
   The business models are tailored to your needs throughout the lifecycle:

  • Discovery Workshop, PoC and MVP (fixed price, time&material)
  • Project based collaboration (time & material, or sometimes fixed price depending on the quality of the specification)
  • Continuous cooperation (time & material)
  • SOC as a Service (24/7, SLA, time&material) new
  • Administration, AMS and Support (24/7; SLA; time&material)
  • Set-up your own subsidiary (BOT: Build Operate Transfer)

The contract provides the legal framework. Plus: at the end of the day, it’s the solution delivered on time, to the right quality and at the right cost that matters – and our portfolio partners care about all of that!