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Artificial Intelligence in combination with Machine Learning: from the idea, feasibility, PoC to realisation, Co-Piloting, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Autonomous driving and flight, (chat) Bots, Data & Analytics/Data Science, Virtual Digital Assistants, Cognitive Services. Computer Vision, Image and Pattern recognition, Intelligent Diagnostic Systems, Predictive Maintenance, Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, TensorFlow, GCP, etc.

   Automotive, eMobility: ADAS, V2X, Power Train, HMI, Comfort functions, Vehicle Diagnostics, AI based Predictive Maintenance, Shared Mobility Services, Route planning and optimisation in Transport&Logistics, Algorithms and close to hardware solutions for optimisation of Battery electronics and Charging stations, Fuel Cell Simulation, Low-level embedded programming, CAN, LIN, ECU, MCU-Pentest, Vulnerability assessment, Encryption, Security by Design, Static and dynamic code analysis, SDK development and support, AUTOSAR, TISAX, SPICE L3, etc.

   Banking, FinTech, Insurance: Maintenance of legacy systems and cloud migration, PoC for new business models and Automation of processes (also relief from Regulatory inefficiencies) with dedicated FinTech middleware, B2C platforms, Credit approval processes, International transactions, Contactless payments, Stock market analytics/Algorithms for financial markets, Biometric authentication, Digital signature, Crypto currencies, Anti-money laundering, Fraud detection, BAFIN compliant (BAIT), etc.
   Cyber and Information Security: Securing Data, Business Processes, Critical Infrastructure, Compliance with laws and regulatory requirements (NIS2), Design and development of Blockchain-based hierarchy-free B2B or B2G eco-systems with E2E encryption, Penetration testing, Vulnerability management, Forensic, Preventive actions, DevSecOps, Training for process audits and certifications, Security by Design, Static and dynamic code analysis, SoC/SOC as a Service; Various certifications available, etc.

   eHealth, Medical, Pharma: Design and implementation of Digital Patient Records according to HL7 standard, Development of software for medical devices, Patient Monitoring Systems, Medical training devices, Health apps, SaaS solutions for Clinical Trial and Pharmaceutical approval process, Laboratory automation, Automated liquid handling in biomedical laboratories, Documentation software, etc.

   Metaverse: Design and implementation of virtual worlds as events and marketplaces. Avatars, Digital assets, NFT (Non-Fungible Token), Proof of Attendance (PoA), also in preliminary stages AR/VR, 2D/3D Modelling for eCommerce, Marketing, Digital museum, Data glasses, Virtual training, Digital Twin, etc.

   Hyper Automation: Digital Transformation of routine processes, Process Mining, RPA, Process Reengineering, No/Low Code – ELO,, Outsystems, MuleSoft, Mendix, Microsoft PA, UIPath, in combination with AI to Self-learning processes, Verification of forms and plausibility check of processes, Application in regulatory environments (Authorities, Banking, Insurance), Infrastructure-as-Code, etc.

   System Modelling: System C, FPGA fabrics (Xilinx, etc.), Hardware acceleration and algorithm development (CODECS, VoIP, Communication, AI-based applications, etc.), HW/SW Codesign, etc.

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Conferences and Fairs 2024:

   Feb. 21.-23.IT Strategietage 2024, Hamburg
   Feb. 27.-29.CCW, Online
   Feb. 28./29.BoschConnectedWorld, Online
   Mar. 6.CCX 2024, Online
   Mar. 19./20.InternetWorld, Munich
   Mar. 19./20.EUROPE 24, Online
   Apr. 16.eIDAS Summit – Digital Trust&Identity, Online
   Apr. 17./18.DSX Data Storage Conference, Online
   Apr. 23./24.DIGITAL FutureCongress, Online
   May 14.Cloud Native, Online
   May 22./23.Big Data & AI World, Frankfurt
   May 24.BVMID Wirtschaftskonferenz – Lösungen für den Fachkräftemangel?, Presseclub München
   Sep. 25./26.SAP Tage, Munich
   Nov. 21./22.Cybersecurity 2024 Handelsblatt Jahrestagung, Düsseldorf

Local Recurring Activities:

  • Bayern International
  • BVMID Top 100 Expert
  • eMove360
  • Seeoner Kreis
  • Stellwerk18
  • TH Rosenheim
  • Wirtschaftsjunioren Rosenheim

Webinars, Talks

Next Webinars: Thursday, April 25., 2024 (14.00/15.00/16.00 CEST) (held in German only):

  • Webinar: Offshore, Nearshore, no-shore? – internationales Outsourcing von IT Services und Entwicklungsleistungen, ein globaler Vergleich zwischen den Regionen; ein Praxisvortrag für Entscheider. Kostenfreies Webinar (45 Min mit Frage/Antwort) 14.00 Uhr
  • Webinar: Innovation Nearshore – Osteuropa: Innovationspool für neueste disruptive Technologien und Analyse Kompetenz in IT Services und Entwicklungsdienstleistungen – ein Praxisvortrag für Entscheider. Kostenfreies Webinar (45 Min mit Frage/Antwort) 15.00 Uhr
  • Webinar: Nearshore – BPO, IT-Services, Software-Entwicklungsdienstleistung aus/in Osteuropa, ein Vergleich der Länder Osteuropas; Kostensenkung und Innovation? ein Praxisvortrag für Entscheider. Kostenfreies Webinar (45 Min mit Frage/Antwort) 16.00 Uhr

Registration and further dates please via “Contact Us”

Next Talks

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We wish you a wonderful Spring day! Kind regards from Elke and Hans – your CONINTEC team


  • BVMID Expert Dr Hans Schwendner was rewared as Top 100 Expert in Digitalisation and Technology
  • GIZ Training for Tunisian IT companies – Dr Hans Schwendner delivered a training module on ‘Market entry to Germany
  • Innovation for Business – Annual Business Leaders Investment Forum; Dr. Hans Schwendner talked about “The Role of Business-Angels in linking Innovators and Corporate R&D Scientists”, organised by MARCHMONT
  • IT-Connecting with China – IT infrastructure, data and know-how protection guarantee: the Management Circle seminar held in Frankfurt / Main. Location China, know-how protection, IT location concepts, leadership – three experts talked about theory and practice
  • BANDexpertforum – Business Angel Netzwerk Deutschland e.V, experts talked on Intellectual Property: Advanced valuation and integration into business concepts to improve economic exploitation
  • Effective protection against loss of know-how and industrial espionage
    Security check for international sites – the Management Circle Seminar took place in Munich. Business policy, intelligence, leadership, international standards – 5 experts talked about theory and reality
  • Offshore/Nearshore Software Development – Experiences from Romania, Ukraine, Armenia – Rosenheim computer science network (ROSINE e.V.) organised an evening lecture at the University of Applied Science, Rosenheim, with Dr. Schwendner as a speaker.
  • Offshore, Nearshore, no-shore? – Projects developed internationally, opportunities and risks – IT community of XING organised an evening lecture in Munich. Dr. Schwendner was a speaker.
  • ‘Engel fallen nicht vom Himmel – Kapital und Know-How aus einer Hand’ – MBPW GmbH held a fireside chat about experiences and approaches to business support with Dr. Schwendner as discussion partner.
  • ‘Kostenvorteile und Wachstumsmarkt’ – Is China a chance, myth or risk – Dr. Schwendner talked in the business seminar “China – Chances for SMEs”, organized by Commerzbank Munich.
  • Business Development – Identify and make use of opportunities for growth. – Dr. Schwendner talked within the training initiative for SMEs, organized by the Technologiezentrum Hannover 
  • China –Business Location Shenzen – the Chinese European Business Forums hosted a presentation of the European Office of Shenzen Government, China.
  • Lecture ‘develop your enterprise’ at the University of Rosenheim. 
  • Experts on matters of Business Angel Investments (Tax Aspects, Intellectual Property, syndication, contract works …) discussed at band expert forum.
  • In Rosenheim, the club bansplus – Business Angels Südbayern plus eV was founded. It was a platform for innovative entrepreneurs and business angels. Dr. Hans Schwendner was a founding member and Chairman of the Board.
  • Former Projects – done with partners in Asia and Eastern Europe: Biometric sensors, CNC machines and control systems, consumer electronics, energy management, electric motors, electronics manufacturing, energy optimization, cable harness, plastic injection molding , die casting, medical equipment, metal processing (turning, milling, welding, punching …), PC Security, RF ID, electric metering, telecommunication, overmold, environmental technologies (co-generation, water treatment, solar energy), video technologies, etc.
  • Publication: “Management & Führung” – the latest findings and experiences from companies and business’. Co-author Dr.-Ing. Hans Schwendner (reviews on Amazon).